Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

The Dominican believes that Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") goes above and beyond the business environment and should focus on a broader portfolio of assets like a strong community, the workplace, the environment and the marketplace. Our vision and our intern Culture is to enhance sustainable and inclusive development as a responsible business. We make this visible by increasing our internal actions.

At The Dominican, we believe CSR is:

- Doing business in a socially responsible and ethical manner

- Protecting the environment and people's safety in every single way

- Engaging, learning, respecting, and supporting the communities and cultures with whom we work

- All employees have a responsibility, and accountability for their participation in a safe work environment, for promoting safe work attitudes, and for working in an environmentally responsible manner. This is encouraged by our Dominican Culture where every one of our family receives the in-depth training on H&S

- The Dominican ensures that employees are being treated with respect and dignity, that their goals and ambitions are taken into account and that the workplace embraces diversity. This by providing a tailored-made development plan and periodically follow-up

- The Dominican takes a thoughtful approach towards the health of employees by thinking of alternative ways of cleaning, providing training for good posture, and creating a good work-life balance.

- The Dominican acknowledges that the government has the primary responsibility to promote and protect human rights.

- The Dominican strives to create employment and economic opportunities in the communities and location where we operate, pursuing equality and giving all people a chance, this ranges from our students and newbies where we are happy to learn and educate them the way to our standards to our very experienced ones in care and try to keep them active at all time.

- The Dominican is adopting fair labor practices, following the national and local laws of the country. As a result of open communication which all flow together to create the Dominican culture.

- The Dominican conserves, protects, and promotes art, culture, and heritage on its premises. This can be seen in our building with the Jacques-Louis David story. The support to our local painters with our exhibitions, and the pop-up sessions in the Brussels musical scene. The Dominican seeks opportunities to contribute to eclectic art and culture.

- The Dominican ensures environmental sustainability and ecological balance. This is done with the help of:

o   The local suppliers

o   The non-package policy with our suppliers

o   The Green culture through every taken decision.

o   Use of microfiber products as sustainable cleaning supply to avoid chemicals and plastic packaging

o   The motivation toward green transport for all employees

o   The use of seasonal products

o   The wastage program in operational departments

- The Dominican is clear, honest, and respectful in addressing stakeholders.

- The Dominican works with the government and agencies to support and respect the rights within its scope of influence.


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