Grand Lounge

Tap into our culinary world and sample the true tastes of The Dominican.

Indulge in our all-day Brussels eatery serving renowned classics from all around the world. This beautiful FG Stijl-designed space is the neighborhood’s anchor for chill hang outs. Don’t miss our unparalleled club sandwich with a cool glass of chardonnay.


Lounge Bar

Discretely tucked behind the abbey’s facade is a groovy bar one might not expect. Take a seat in our velvet chairs and savor your kombucha within our generously decorated walls. A real treat to your taste buds and the discerning eye! This place is a destination bar in its own right, bringing a local vibe to The Dominican.

The Courtyard

Nestled within the lofty arches is a blissful garden with its inviting terrace under the spectacular fig tree. This patio is one of the city’s premier and most charming outdoor settings, equally wonderful for a sunny hang out or a starry night with easy going music and familiar faces.



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